Our fortnightly FPS coffee mornings began at the start of lockdown in May 2020 as informal virtual sessions to allow FPS FRA practitioners and administrators to keep in touch and hear about topical pensions issues. 

The sessions have been increasingly popular with a cast list of around 170 at the latest count in October 2021. 

While the sessions are informal only and are not recorded, all available presentations have been collated below. 

If you do not already receive the meeting invitations and would like to join us, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that attendance at the coffee mornings is generally restricted to FPS practitioners and managers.



IDF update - UPCs

(PDF, 16 pages,429kb) 23 November 2021

FRA remedy self-assessment survey

(PDF, 19 pages, 216kb) 9 November 2021

General FPS update

(PDF, 14 pages, 239kb) 26 October 2021

Immediate Detriment Framework

(PDF, 14 pages, 239kb) 12 October 2021

Scheme valuations and cost control overview (First Actuarial)

(PDF, 30 pages, 821kb) 28 September 2021

Remedy project management update

(PDF, 14 pages, 487kb) 14 September 2021

One-pot ill-health and death recap

(PDF, 21 pages, 409kb) 31 August 2021

Remedy project management

(PDF, 15 pages, 294kb) 23 March 2021

Age discrimination remedy

(PDF, 22 pages, 575kb) 9 February 2021