Legal Landscape

Each year the Regulator runs a public service governance and administration survey, which scheme managers are invited to complete in conjunction with their Local Pension Board. Although the survey is not mandatory, participation is strongly encouraged by both TPR and the Scheme Advisory Board, so that improvements in running the FPS can be monitored and evidenced.

TPR do not take any regulatory action based on survey responses, but overall trends may inform their engagement activity with schemes.

The library below contains the summary document and full research report for each year that the survey has taken place.

Year Summary Research report
2020-21 TPR Governance and Administration survey results 2020-21 - coffee morning presentation 14 June 2022 (PDF, 19 pages, 649kb) Public service research report 2020-21 (PDF, 72 pages, 2,530kb)
2019   Public service research report 2019 (PDF, 65 pages, 1,560kb) 
2018 Commentary on results - July 2019 (PDF, 7 pages, 610kb) Public service research report 2018 (PDF, 54 pages, 2,430kb)
2017 Summary of results and commentary - May 2018 (PDF, 9 pages, 56.8kb) Public service research report 2017(PDF, 45 pages, 1,120kb)
2016 Summary of results and commentary - May 2017 (PDF, 8 pages, 742kb) Public service research report 2016(PDF, 43 pages, 1,070kb)
2015 Summary of results and commentary - Dec 2015 (PDF, 9 pages, 229kb) Public service research report - Dec 2015 (PDF, 49 pages, 1,620kb)