Current commutation factor tables for FPS 1992 and Special Members of FPS 2006 (Modified). Archive FPS 1992 tables can be accessed via the menu on the right.

Commutation for FPS 2006 (Standard Members) and FPS 2015 is calculated using a standard factor of 12:1.

Dated Operative Date Document
3 April 2023 3 April 2023

Commutation on retirement: Factors and guidance (PDF, 12 pages, 347kb)

3 April 2023 3 April 2023

GAD factor table 3 April 2023 (xlsx, 24kb)

As per paragraph 34 of the government response to the consultation on the modified scheme the commutation factors are fixed and will not be subject to future review.

Dated Operative Date Document
29 December 2017  

Extended factors (age 65 to 75) (PDF, 1 page, 114kb)

31 March 2015  1 April 2014

Annex ZA (commuted portion: special members)