This page contains regulations and related resources for the Firefighters' Compensation Scheme.


SI Title Description of Content Date into force
2006/1811 The Firefighters' Compensation Scheme (England) Order 2006 Originating order 07/08/2006 
2006/3434 The Firefighters’ Compensation Scheme (England) (Amendment) Order 2006 Removal of distinction between regular firefighters and retained and volunteer firefighters; consequential amendments on the introduction of FPS 2006. 25/01/2007 
2010/234 The General and Specialist Medical Practice (Education, Training and Qualifications) Order 2010 Schedule 3, Paragraph 15 amends the definition of IQMP in FPS 1992, FPS 2006 and FCS 2006. 12/02/2010
2014/447 The Firefighters’ Compensation Scheme (England) (Amendment) Order 2014 Removes the right of a retained firefighter with service prior to 6 April 2006 to an injury award calculated as though they were wholetime; consequential amendments on changes to pension arrangements for retained firefighters (2014/445). 01/04/2014
2015/590 The Firefighters’ Compensation Scheme and Pension Scheme (England) (Amendment) Order 2015 Updates provisions consequential to introduction of FPS 2015, to ensure all eligible FFs and survivors receive compensation awards in the event of a qualifying injury or death in service.  01/04/2015
2017/892 The Firefighters’ Pension Schemes and Compensation Scheme (Amendment) (England) Order 2017 Extends survivor benefit provisions for widows, widowers, and surviving civil partners of Firefighters who died or die on duty to no longer lose those benefits if they remarry or form a civil partnership 06/10/2007