This section contains bite-size training guides published by the LGA Bluelight team and our partners on various subjects.

The guides have been developed to provide a short overview on topics across the schemes, and are not intended to replace regulations. The regulations are referred to without and should always be checked when calculating any benefit payable.

If you have any suggestions for future topics to be covered, please contact us.


Date of publication

Combining Pension Scheme Benefits - WYPF (PDF, 33 pages, 3,070kb)

September 2018 

Pensionable Pay Update - Weightmans (PDF, 15 pages, 293kb)

September 2018

Annual Benefit Statements (PDF, 30 pages, 782kb)

June 2018

Firefighters' Pension Schemes (PDF, 17 pages, 673kb)

February 2018

Ill-health and Injury Pension Scheme Rules (PDF, 29 pages, 673kb)

January 2018

Survivor Benefits (PDF, 20 pages, 751kb)

October 2017

Transfers (PDF, 19 pages, 458kb)

March 2017 UPDATED: February 2018