This page lists court judgements which have direct or consequential impacts on the Firefighters' Pension Schemes, as well as any resources that have been developed in response to the relevant case law.

Scheme Title Summary Related resources Court Date
FPS - Wales Booth v MWWFRA (PDF, 20 pages, 178kb) Appeal of TPO determination PO-14863 concerning the treatment of four specific elements of pay as pensionable or otherwise   High Court 29/03/2019
Private sector occupational scheme Walker v Innospec Ltd (PDF, 28 pages, 508kb) Equalisation of same sex survivor benefits

SI 2019/378

FPS technical note 4

Supreme Court 12/07/2017
NILGOSC Brewster v NILGOSC (PDF, 63 pages, 579kb) Removal of requirement to complete a nomination form for a cohabiting partner survivor benefit

SI 2018/997

FPS technical note 3

Court of Appeal (Northern Ireland) 01/10/2013
FPS Norman v Cheshire FRS (PDF, 30 pages, 224kb) Whether certain sums received are pensionable pay under the FPS: retaining fee, disturbance fee, public holiday pay

Norman v Cheshire: a case summary[Weightmans]

High Court 14/12/2011
FPS Kent and Medway Towns Fire Authority v Pensions Ombudsman and Hopper (PDF, 12 pages, 1,095kb) Pay in lieu of annual leave not to be treated as pensionable pay   High Court 02/10/2001