This page contains guides and sample documents issued by the LGA Bluelight team in collaboration with the Fire Communications Working Group on a variety of subjects.  The topics are listed in alphabetical order with both tracked and clean versions available where there have been changes to the documents.

Items in Word format can be edited - please check any areas highlighted in yellow or as otherwise instructed.

Topic Document and description Intended audience Publication date
Annual Benefit Statements ABS 2018 template and notes (Word, 29 pages, 148kb) FRAs, LPBs  June 2018
Disclosure Guide to Disclosure of Information requirements (PDF, 13 pages, 376kb) FRAs, LPBs  July 2018


Full list of discretions available to scheme managers in the FPS (PDF, 82 pages, 990kb) FRAs, LPBs  July 2018


FPS 1992 discretions and table of delegations (Word, 19 pages, 290kb)

FRAs, LPBs  July 2018


FPS 2006 discretions and table of delegations  (Word, 19 pages, 292kb)


 July 2018


FPS 2015 discretions and table of delegations (Word, 18 pages, 245kb) FRAs, LPBs  July 2018


FCS discretions and table of delegations  (Word, 15 pages, 203kb) FRAs, LPBs  July 2018


Template privacy notice for FRAs as Data Controllers (Word, 8 pages, 57kb) FRAs  May 2018
  Notes on use/ adaptation of the template privacy notice (PDF, 7 pages, 331kb) FRAs  May 2018

Member guides

Short guide to FPS 2015 (Word, 12 pages, 29kb) Scheme members  July 2018