This section contains factsheets developed by the LGA Bluelight team in collaboration with the Fire Communications Working Group and the Scheme Advisory Board.

The factsheets have been designed to be to provided to members as a short overview of relevant topics across the schemes and do not constitute advice, financial or otherwise. Items in Word format can be edited - please check any areas highlighted in yellow.

If you have any suggestions for future topics to be covered, please contact us.



Date of publication

FPS Management and Governance (PDF, 9 pages, 423kb)

September 2019

Compensatory 'ill-health' pensions for retained FFs employed before 06 04 2006 (PDF, 3 pages, 336kb)

August 2019

Cyber resilience - actions for schemes (PDF, 1 page, 444kb)

July 2019

Pensionable pay (PDF, 9 pages, 611kb)

May 2019

Authority Initiated Early Retirement (AIER) (PDF, 3 pages, 410kb)

April 2019

Enhanced commutation (PDF, 2 pages, 407kb)

April 2019

Entitlement to two pensions (PDF, 15 pages, 571kb)

April 2019

Additional Pension Benefits (APBs) (PDF, 4 pages, 409kb)

March 2019

Scheme manager guidance (PDF, 2 pages, 365kb)

January 2019

Retirement from FPS 2015 - member factsheet (PDF, 3 pages, 330kb)

November 2018

HMRC data request factsheet (PDF, 2 pages, 396kb)

LGA FAQs factsheet to assist Authorities in responding to HMRC's request for data on tax relief claims for FPS 2006 special members

August 2018

Eligibility to join FPS [Version 2 - tracked] (PDF, 11 pages, 595kb)

Eligibility to join FPS [Version 2 - clean] (PDF, 6 pages, 492kb)

April 2019

April 2019

Topping up your State Pension (PDF, 2 pages, 266kb)

June 2018

FPS 2015 (Word, 2 pages, 87kb)

May 2018

CARE build up (PDF, 1 page, 369kb)

May 2018

Abatement (PDF, 2 pages, 382kb)

February 2018

Protected Pension Age (PPA) (PDF, 2 pages, 404kb)

February 2018